Notable Achievements & Partnerships

Over the years we've provided systems & services to some of the UK's top tuning companies and engine builders. Listed below are some names you might recognise...

Fenn Lane Motorsport - Porsche specialist
Dunnell Engines - Ford Zetec and Duratec pioneers
Sigma Engineering - Peter Lander - Jaguar Tuning legend
Road Runner Racing - Top quality Seven style kits
Selby Race Engines - The late Rob Selby - A-series & Aston Martin specialist
Phil Hepworth - Jaguar XK & A-series specialist
Lester Owen - BMW Tuning legend
Team Japspeed Maxxis - Matthew Denham Drifting
MK Engineering - Kit car legends
Lloyd Specialist Developments - Rover V8 & TVR specialists
Power Marques Porsche - Aircooled 911 engines
LSX Performance - Kyle Rushall - GM LS Tuner
Harris Performance Engines - Classic Ford legends
Gardner Douglas Sportscars - Cobra & T70 builders
Atspeed Racing - Tuners & Oval racing
Will Overton - European Ultra4 champion
Chester Sportscars - Classic Ford masters
Tim Adams Racing Engines - V8 & historic race tuning
Z Cars Performance Engineering - Bike engine / grass track
Prepfab Motorsport Engineering - Competition car builds
Track V Road - TVR Specialists
Mark Jacques - BXCC front runners
4x4 Fabrication Whitchurch - Land Rover modification
AK Sportscars - UK Cobra builders
Lambley Developments - Oval Racing specialists
Luke Woodham (Monster Energy) - 4 x European Gymkhana Champion
Rennspeed - Porsche specialist
JBA Kit Cars - Manufacturer of the Falcon
SOS Garage - Fuzz Townshend's classic garage
John Sleath Race Cars - V8 extraordinaire
Redtek Porsche - Ultimate 911 engine builds
Szantosport - Classic Ford builds
AJD Land Rovers - AWDC Comp Safari Champions
National Motorsport Academy - GT Cup Champions (Mosler)
Bogg Brothers Ltd - UK bike carb/ITB pioneers
Lowman Racing Engines - Classic Ford V6 specialists
Stuart Taylor Motorsport - Classic F1 style kits
Geoff Steel Racing - BTCC, Britcar & GT Cup team




When possible we're always happy to work with other companies to mutual benefit. We've worked with aftermarket manufacturers to evaluate ram pipes and air filter combinations. We've also assisted with the development of several ITB kits for V8 engines.

With Gardner Douglas and AT Power we co-developed the direct-to-head LS7 throttle body kit, remaining compliant to emissions standards.

Dunnell Engines continue to push boundaries with their Duratec kits and we've developed specific firmware to support their engines.

Our products have been used and have achieved podium finishes / championship / class wins around the world. Too many to list in detail but including the following...

FIA European Rallycross
British Autograss Series / National Autograss
Mini Se7ens / Mini Miglias
TVR Speed Championship
GT Cup Championship
World Championship bangers
Goodwood Festival of Speed
European Historic Touring Cup
British Historic Racing
Gymkhana GRiD
French & Spanish hill climb Championships
Britpart British Cross Country Championship
Castle Combe GT Championship
Northern Off Road Club
AWDC Off Road Comp Safari
British Drift Championship, Pro-AM and Pro
MG Metro Cup
UK Time Attack
HEL DriftCup

In the media

We've appeared in the media regularly since the launch of our first products. A monthly column in Kit Car magazine followed our day-to-day work for several years. We converted Will Holman's Mercedes to EFI/LPG, covered in PPC magazine. In Practical Classics magazine we've converted several cars in step-by-step articles.

The power figures generated by our fuel injected five port A-series engines raised a few eyebrows at MiniWorld magazine. We were then invited to install our injection ECU on 'Bogus 2' ; the no-expense-spared Mini prepared by tuning legends MiniSport.

Amongst other publications, we've been featured in and/or offered technical advice for Car Mechanics, Classic Ford, Retro Ford, Retro Cars, Practical Performance Car, Total Kit Car, 911 & Porsche World and TVR Sprint. Vehicles running our systems have appeared amongst the pages of Evo, AutoCar, Top Gear and Octane magazines.

On the TV, Canems ECUs have been used on several occasions by Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw on Channel 4's Car SOS. We've been filmed converting classic vehicles to modern EFI.

Canems ECUs are featured as part of a case study in the book 'Tuning and Modifying the Rover V8 Engine' by Daniel & Nathan Lloyd, published by The Crowood Press. Testament to the improvements our systems have given to countless V8 owners over the years.

In latter years with the popularity of social media, we're lucky to have a strong online presence. We had an early viral hit on Facebook when one of our ECUs was fitted to a 500bhp Fiat Cinquecento.

Highly polished professional photo shoots are always a joy to watch; one of many examples being Chris and Steve Putt's 'RX7 from Hell' video by In Motion Media, which approached 100,000 views straight after release.

A brief history

Canems Engine Management was founded in 2006. Our ignition only ECU was the first product to be released and it's since become the go-to control module for oval racing, classic motorsport, side car competition, rallying and grass track racing.

Although the software has evolved over time the basic concept remains unchanged and sales still increase year on year. This popular ECU shares some design aspects and coding with our top level systems.

Following the success of our ignition-only module, the injection ECU was soon released. Popularity with the Mini/A-series prompted us to develop specific firmware for the five-port (siamesed intake) cylinder head. Real-world success in competition proved the concept and this is now widely regarded as a viable modification, rather than an impossibility as was once believed.

Interest from the Kit Car industry followed and we were amongst the first UK companies to offer a plug and play solution for the NA and NB Mazda MX5 engines. We worked with Road Runner Racing to produce, we believe, the first programmable ECU to run the '02 onward closed-loop VVT system.

With our Injection ECU proving popular, we developed a plug and play 35-pin Bosch Motronic compatible ECU. Local company Power Marques Porsche (at the time European distributor for FVD Brombacher) had identified a gap in the market due to the frailty of thirty-year old analogue electronics. More than ten years later this remains the only plug and play solution for the Porsche Carrera.

Firmware tweaks to our original Porsche system allows this unit to be used on many other 1980's classics including several BMW M Cars, Alfas and Ferraris. At the same time we had a growing list of successes in club level rallying, circuit racing, autograss and oval racing.

Our 55-pin sequential ECU was designed as a compliment to our earlier plug and play Bosch Motronic system; able to run most early '90s classics including Porsche 964, various BMWs such as the E30, Vauxhalls including the Calibra Turbo and many more besides.

At the same time we'd developed firmware to run the then-new GM LS series engines. All of the features required for an LS engine were squeezed into the 55-pin Motronic style package. We were the first UK ECU company to offer a DBW control package for the GM LS engine.

It's probable that our Sequential ECU is now the most widely used programmable system on the LS engine in the UK.

Our experience with emissions control and the ability to supply a turn-key package for any LS series engine is an attractive proposition for top quality clients. We're extremely proud to supply Gardner Douglas Sports Cars and AK Sportscars directly, whilst our systems are also widely used on Ultimas and many LS-powered race cars.

In the mid 2010's the Sequential ECU was enhanced with CAN bus support, meaning we are now able to integrate with modern vehicle chassis (eg. M3, RX8). We were the first company to completely reverse engineer the Clio 197 CAN network. Easy communication with aftermarket dash/logger systems & gearbox control modules drives our business into the 2020's.