A brief introduction...

Founded in 2006, our small electronics company supports the top UK tuners and our products are used worldwide.

Canems programmable engine management units are designed with three targets in mind; reliability, performance and ease of use.
We have an enviable reputation for achieving these aims, with race proven results and a top class clientele.
Please do your research - we walk the walk, don't just talk the talk!

About Us

What Do We Do?

We Are Programmable ECU Specialists

We design and manufacture programmable engine control units, delivering to a worldwide market. Supporting motorsport of all descriptions; modified vehicles, kit cars, updated classics and retro conversions.

Whilst we have the ability to run & configure most engines, we also provide a bespoke wiring harness service. Our talents also extend to custom installations and OEM integration. Our hardware and software is developed in house, meaning there is always a solution to the most complicated project.

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Latest Projects & Resume

It's impossible for us to document all of the projects we get involved in (for client confidentiality in some cases) but we do try to keep our Facebook page active. Please like and share!

In-house Development

Everything we make is designed by us in the UK. That includes the circuit boards, their firmware and our PC tuning software.
We source from top quality UK manufacturers with an ethos of buying locally whenever possible.

  • PCB design
  • Embedded firmware coding
  • Software development & testing
  • Wiring harness design
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Features & Overviews

Our ECUs are designed for controlling customised and / or aftermarket fuel injection and ignition systems. If you are fitting a modern engine into a kit car or modifying an engine our ECUs are invaluable.

We currently offer four ECU solutions:
- The Ignition-only ECU provides programmable wasted spark ignition at low cost for all four cylinder engines.
- Our Clubman ECU will run any four, six or eight cylinder engine with semi-sequential injection and mappable ignition timing.
- Our Sequential ECU is aimed at top level motorsport applications and is ideal for V8 motors.
- Finally our ML1X system was specifically designed to replace 1980's Bosch Motronic 35-pin modules.

  • Intuitive software

    Our Windows software is available free of charge.

  • Live mappable

    All of our systems can be mapped in realtime.

  • Emissions capable

    We have a proven track record with supply to the kit car industry.

  • Advanced features

    Drive by wire, knock sensing and CAN data can all be supported.

  • Two year warranty

    We offer two years of tech support and know-how with our systems.

  • Turn Key Solutions

    We can supply harness packages to suit your application.

  • Tried & Trusted

    Tested by the best tuners and raced throughout the world.

  • Future proof

    All of our management systems can be updated with new firmware.


We are lucky to have thousands of happy customers throughout the world.
Here are just a few lovely comments about our engine management systems from real-world users:

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